About Us

Decentralised Energy Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd., more commonly known as DESI Power, is an independent rural power producer involved in and committed to socio-economic development of villages through provision of electricity and energy services with a mission to reduce endemic rural poverty through local job creation and assured income generation. It was jointly promoted by DASAG Energy Engineering Ltd., Switzerland and Development Alternatives, New Delhi and was registered as a private limited company under the company act and was established in 1996.

DESI Power was established to develop, package, promote, build and operate renewable energy based Independent Rural Power Plants (IRPPs). Initially, it was essential to establish the reliability and local management of renewable energy technologies for power plant applications. DESI Power built 9 pilot and demonstration plants to establish the model in its totality. It is now committed to build EmPower Partnership projects in 100 villages (four villages are already working) to establish and demonstrate their viability for socially responsible investment on a big scale by private sector. Such a decentralised integrated model can accelerate the socio-economic development of villages in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner.

DESI Power has been a partner of Rockefeller Foundation to establish the concept of a program called SPEED (Smart Power for Environment-friendly Economic Development) and is actively involved in its implementation. It is building 20 power plants under this program in Araria. In addition, DESI Power provides technical, management and training inputs for SPEED plants being built at other locations by other promoters.