Project Development Services Offered:

The over 16 years of rich practical experience of DESI Power has helped to generate and develop expertise which can be made available on a commercial basis. Some of these include:

  • Conduct detail site surveys and preparation of DPRs
  • EPCOM services for power plants (for various RE systems)
    • Engineering, Procurement, Erection and Commissioning of power plants.
    • O&M services (supervision or complete)
    • Conduct energy and technical audit of power plants.
    • Performance evaluation tests of power plant.
  • Biomass Management and Energy Plantation
  • Mini-Grid setup in villages and load management.
  • Power System Management Module (PSMM) for monitoring and controlling of customer loads and matching of demand with generation and optimise power plant operation.
  • Help in setting up village Micro-enterprise and village enterprise services
  • Training and Capacity building of Managers / Operators for Power Plants, Micro-enterprise, Mini-Grid, Biomass Management etc